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Bluefin Tuna


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Bluefin Tuna

montrealeater | Aug 7, 2012 01:42 PM

I am trying to figure out if I have ever eaten this. I know it's endangered, but beyond that I have no idea how widely it's distributed (in N. America but I'm also interested to hear about other parts of the world - Europe, Japan etc.). Who still serves this? For example, in Montreal, is it possible to get it? If a restaurant doesn't mention that they *don't* use it I suppose assuming they *do* is faulty simply because isn't it wildly expensive?

Sorry for the convoluted questions, I'd love to know where the line is between this being politically incorrect to eat and it being a premium item. Where does this line appear for the regular sushi eater? Has farming allowed the prices to come down in any way, and if not, is that a realistic prospect? Is is possible to purchase this item from a fishmonger in North America? What about where it's fished? Would it be possible to get it in Nova Scotia right off the boat or do they ship it all to Japan? I am not looking to purchase, just extremely curious.

I found this on Amazon: but havent found any other online sources. $51 for a small can of fish. !!!

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