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Blue Water Grill: Just don't let them cook your food. (long))


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Blue Water Grill: Just don't let them cook your food. (long))

Matt L | Aug 12, 2003 01:33 PM

My family went for dinner last night at Blue Water Grill. We had been there before with the same group, including some elderly folks, and we chose it because it had appealed on some level to each person in a group of diverse age and culinary preference, and it seemed like a 'safe' choice. It was a huge disappointment.

Various items from the raw bar: each of the available oysters were fresh and tasty, and the cherrystone clams were particularly good. Our waiter got our order wrong, bringing us twice as many oysters as we ordered. This wouldn't be a big deal at all, but he argued with us over how many we ordered instead of being gracious about it. And then charged us for them anyway. Nice.

Almost all of the dishes that they actually cooked were subpar.

Gazpacho (was a special): They served it by pouring the broth over ingredients that are already in the bowl at your table. I know that that works for some kind of soups, but it's gazpacho, for peat's sake, and it shouldn't be complicated or fancy. Worst of all, it was extremely bland and dull. Seemed symptomatic of a place that is more concerned with how they look when they serve the food than how the food tastes. Lame and gimmicky. Gazpacho gets better when you let it sit for a little while and blend together, like a red sauce. I would have been just as happy on my couch at home just eating muir glen crushed tomatoes our of the can with a spoon, and it would have been tastier.

Sea bass with ginger miso glaze. My sister had ordered that dish numerous times in the past and was actually looking forward to having it again, but this time they served it perilously close to raw and it was inedible. She had to order something entirely different.

Plain grilled tuna. Tuna was ok, not spectacular. Ordered rare and arrived overcooked (maybe they got the sea bass and tuna confused in the kitchen). The dish came with roasted potatoes, there were only four on the plate, each slightly larger than a gumball. Yes, small potatoes are tastier, but the lack of food on the plate was astounding.

Garlic mashed potatoes: Ice cold and completely tasteless. And less garlic to be found than in a vampire's kitchen cupboard. Definitely not made any time recent to when delivered to the table.

Blackened swordfish: Overcooked. Definitely not very blackened or tasty.

Crabmeat-crusted striped bass: This one was pretty good. The crab was pretty tender and the bass tasted fresh. They also tasted nice together, and the dish worked.

We left right after the main courses because one of the elders at the table wasn't feeling well so I can't comment on the coffee or desserts there. I won't go into details but I will say that the staff there acted as if they had never seen anyone over the age of 70 in their lives. It definitely is not a place to bring the elderly.

I guess in summary the earlier chowhound posts with regard to this restaurant were pretty right on- the raw bar is ok but the rest isn't really too good.

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