Blue cheese issue!


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Blue cheese issue!

Ritcheyd | Jan 31, 2013 01:59 PM

I've always loved blue cheese dressing but have never tasted blue cheese straight. I was making some appetizers for a small new Years Eve party, decided to splurge and bought a small package of Maytag Blue Cheese. I opened it up and tasted a small bit and it was so strong it almost burned my mouth at first. I expected it to be stronger than a cheapo version but is it supposed to be THAT strong? Yes, I'm used to eating milder cheeses - jack, cheddar, but also brie and even gorgonzola and goat cheese. But I'm wondering if maybe it wasn't stored or wrapped properly. It wasn't an ammoniated(?) smell or taste and in the appetizers it was better but still really strong. So my question for the cheese experts out there is: Is Maytag Blue Cheese supposed to be that strong? Or, maybe it's just the Maytag brand/style and other blue cheeses aren't so....Let's just say assertive.

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