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yet another bloody cast iron question

jiggsly-wiggsly | Apr 16, 200512:44 PM

i know, i know. the cast iron questions are almost in the same league as the tipping questions. but i guess i'm just that inept in the kitchen, that the prior posts don't seem to be providing the answer.

bought a pan not too long ago. seasoned it by first cleaning it with some soap & warm water, drying it thoroughly, liberally spreading oil all over it, put in the oven for a coupla hours. when it came out, it had the look of a seasoned pan.

my problem is that every time i cook something like chicken or fish/scallops, it always seems to stick to the pan. so then i add more oil or butter, which seems to quickly vanish, leaving the pan dry, and then food sticks again. i thought it might be that i'm flipping the food too soon, so i tried holding out for longer. result was burnt food. now i'm really ticked off, b/c the pan ain't working, the food is screwed up, and there's a mess of food stuck to the pan that's an absolute pain in the ass to get off without scratching.

now i never want to use it. i'm scared to. i pull out the non-stick in attempt to sear foods which totally sucks, but is better than the aforementioned scenarios.

other important pieces of data: steaks have worked. bacon has worked, but i have a feeling that i haven't cooked enough bacon on it to really get a good season (maybe only once?). is it that the foods that are sticking are the ones with very little fat?

help me. i really want to use the cast iron. i want to be a part of all that fun.

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