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BLEEECH - Trader Joe's New Water


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BLEEECH - Trader Joe's New Water

torta basilica | Jun 17, 2003 10:22 PM

No more Crystal Geyser at our local Trader Joe's. There's a new brand - 'Trader Joe's Natural Spring Water.' I think it's cheaper ($6/case sport tops?), but it tastes nasty - like there's dirt in it. I love good water - when it's on sale Fiji Water is my favorite, but for everyday, Crystal Geyser or Arrowhead or similiar are just fine & don't taste too God-awful even if at room temp (unlike Evian...). This new stuff just plain tastes BAD - chilled or room temp - has anyone else tried this & had a similiar reaction? I want my Crystal Geyser at $8 something a case for the sport tops back!!

Normally I love everything at TJ's, but this is a first - yuck!

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