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Those Bland Pickles


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Those Bland Pickles

Lulu | Jun 15, 2004 03:46 PM

What are those pickles called which come with deli sandwiches (usually on wax paper)? I thought they were called "kosher dills", but I have come to realize that normal pickles (vlassic, klausen, safeway/generic) are all "kosher dills".

So are they NON-kosher dills, then? I tend to doubt it, seeing as it's usually a Jewish deli in which I find them.

I am not referring to the sour type. That's another matter altogether. I am referring to the bland, crunchy spears which taste more like cucumber than pickles.

If I had to guess, I'd say the salt was added at the end, rather than used to leech out the liquid. This would, I presume, leave them harder and more cucumbery (taste) than the normal spears. No?

In any case, I've tried every jar in the market. Nothing seems close. What are they called?!

(Dropping pickling cukes into leftover brine for the time being)

BTW, I prefer normal pickles myself, but I'd like a jar of these for an occasional change. They have a light, refreshing quality to them.

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