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Black Angus Beef


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Black Angus Beef

Oscar | Aug 26, 2000 02:05 PM

I'm curious about something. What's the "big deal" about Black Angus beef? The best steak restaurant in my city is always boasting of serving nothing but "100% certified Black Angus beef." The steak there is usually pretty decent, but nothing spectacular.

I have just returned from vacation in a larger city, where I had a steak dinner at a Ruth's Chris Steak House. The meat was splendid, several cuts above the "Black Angus" beef that is served here. I don't know what "type" of beef they use for their steak at Ruth's Chris Steak House, but it was excellent.

I am now wondering where Black Angus beef "rates" along a continuoum of steak quality, from poor to excellent. My impression is that it probably ranks somewhere in the middle or in the "average" range.

How would you rate Black Angus beef?


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