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Bizarre restaurant behavior [moved from General Topics]

Spice_zing | Mar 29, 201208:36 AM

A friend told me about a bizarre incident she witnessed at a restaurant.

It was Sunday brunch & the buffet line had just opened. She was near the front but noticed that after several minutes the line wasn’t moving. When she looked ahead to see what the holdup was she couldn’t believe what she saw. The first person in line would take a serving spoonful of a dish, bring it to her nose & take a good long sniff before putting it on her plate. She did this for many items on the line. I don’t know if there were items she put back if she didn’t like the smell but the visual on this is scenario is appalling.

I used to eat at buffets more often but stories like this have “curbed my appetite” for buffets.

Do you have a bizarre story to share?

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