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Bizarre recipes

Howard | Jan 6, 2002 10:36 AM

Has anyone else here found that there are a lot of bizarre recipes even in "highly-acclaimed" cookbooks, and repeated by famous food writers and publications?

Here's an example.

I just came across a recipe I clipped out of the New York Times some years ago. The recipe is "Gingered-Beef Salad", and a note on it says it is "adapted from 'The joy of Ginger' by Margaret Conrad and Heather MacDonald, Nimbus, 1997."

The weird thing about this recips is that the dressing includes "2 medium cloves garlic, minced"--but not cooked.

I love garlic--cooked. To me, raw garlic has a decidedly unpleasant taste--bitter, in fact. Does anyone else here concur? And if lots of people concur, does anyone wonder how these food writers could include *raw* garlic in their recipe in the first place, and how food writers for the world's most-respected consumer newspaper could blithely repeat it?

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