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Birthday party dessert advice needed


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Birthday party dessert advice needed

Buttercup | Apr 22, 2004 01:07 PM

I need a dessert plan for a birthday party (mine) this Saturday night. We are having middle eastern food brought in from a local restaurant (Sepal in Watertown, Mass.) but aren't crazy about the desserts (plus, we're trying to economize a bit). We will have some nut cookies (necessarily gluten-free) and I will make a big fruit salad.

I also want to make the birthday cake. (Maybe it's weird to make one's own cake, but I love to bake.) I was thinking of the three-layer German chocolate cake from the early-90s Fannie Farmer. I've made it before. It's tasty, not too chocolatey, easy and looks impressive. It has a coconut-pecan icing between the layers and I decorate the top with pecan halves. We like chocolate in moderation and don't like excessively heavy desserts.

Will the cookies, fruit salad and cake be enough for about 23 people? If I should make a third dessert, what should it be? Is there something middle eastern that's relatively easy, not too sweet and would provide a good number of servings?

I eagerly await your counsel.

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