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Birmingham Hounds: Let's Talk Meat and Threes. And how John T. Edge is wrong about us.

deepfriedkudzu | Jun 5, 200802:35 PM

Fellow 'hounds, I just finished reading a piece written by John T. Edge of the Southern Foodways Alliance (a great organization, btw) about how Nashville is the mecca of meat & threes "with more than a half-dozen great restaurants to choose from, while cities of equal or larger size—say Atlanta or Birmingham or Charlotte—can claim only a couple or three truly great lunch spots."

Um, what?!

I can think of some really great places just off the top of my head:
Niki's West (the king of them all)
Bright Star (at lunch, it is a meat & three)
Q&S Soul Food on 41st St
The Anchorage in Homewood
PawPaw Patch on Greensprings
Tracy's Downtown
Niki's Downtown
The Smokehouse by the Farmer's Market off Finley
Ted's Downtown
Joel's in Trussville
Sarris on 31st St
Dale's Southern Grill in Hoover
Eagles Restaurant on 16th St over by ACIPCO
Irondale Cafe

Now if those are the ones I can think of in just a couple of minutes, there have to be worlds more.

And I don't mean to disagree with the author over quantity, I mean we have quantity but we also have quality. To be honest, I can live for a while without going to the PawPaw Patch or Sarris. But really when it's written that we only have "two or three truly great lunch spots" when it comes to meat and threes, that's just something I can't agree with.

What do y'all think?

The entire piece by John T. Edge, who I usually agree with a lot more, is here: http://www.southernfoodways.com/oral_...

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