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Big Mista's BBQ at your local farmer's markets


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Big Mista's BBQ at your local farmer's markets

kevin | Mar 6, 2009 02:23 PM

I just tried it recently, after the deluge of posts. Wouldn't have heard about it before if it weren't for chowhound since this BBQ stand does not show up at the big farmer's markets that I usually patronize such as the Santa Monica one or the Hollywood one on Selma on Sundays.

Anyhow, the brisket and tri-tip were really good, one was sliced thicker than the other. i believe the tri-tip was thinner, and both had that beautiful hickory smoke layers prized by BBQ fanatics just like me. the smoke ring speaks of authenticity. both were served sans sauce. but i tore apart some pieces and dipped it into the cue sauce, and the sauce was pretty darn good too. actually dipped the supermarket wheat bread into the sauce too.

the sides, beans and potato salad dusted with paprika felt a little bit more upscale and refined than usual. heck they even tasted darn good additionally, these are not Costco tubs of beans and potato salad.

oh, and i did partake in one of the red velvet cupcakes which was a delicious coda to end the meal. my only problem is the meat seems to be too cold, and more so, why is it that bbq usually seems to be served cold or lukewarm rather than piping hot, migeht be due to the smoker in opposition to the grilling options.

good stuff, not cheap ( a meal will be at least fifteen bucks with a drink but i believe the quality is nothing to sneer at either, so you're paying for the goods.).

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