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"The Big Bread Sandwich" from Silver Palate - a photo essay!

ElizabethS | Aug 28, 2009 12:44 PM

Almost 2 years ago there was a discussion about this recipe from the original Silver Palate cookbook - The Big Bread Sandwich is a multi layer/multi ingredient sandwich that is a tremendous crowd pleaser.

Here's a link to the original discussion


We were going to a cottage this week and would be a party of 10. I had made it several times before (once for this group and they were anxious for a return engagement). This time we photographed the "journey" so to speak - so I thought I'd post pics for those interested in making it.

First, the bread. The SP recipe includes a a recipe for the loaf of bread itself - I did it the first time I made it but found it unnecessary to repeat that. Also - by trial and error we decided the best style of bread is an Italian loaf that is a giant doughnut - that way the slices of sandwich are less bready.

Our neighbour owns a wonderful Italian bakery in Toronto and I asked him to make a loaf approximately 50% larger than usual - Picture #1 - the bread at the beginning.

We knew the best way to tackle the loaf was A) to cut it in half and B) to freeze it (to make cutting the layers easier). Picture #2 - the loaf cut into half and then into 3 slices for the layers. Note about cutting the layers - as you can see the layers aren't perfect - it's not like cutting a cake. We sometimes have to patch a bit and I even had "back up" bread in case some of the layers were a little thin in places. By the time you compress the sandwich it is very forgiving of the layering.

The first (bottom) layer is covered with a ricotta/parmesan mixture and then covered with spiced eggplant (recipe also in SP - I have used jarred eggplant as well). Here I also added some small artichokes I had pickled - Picture #3

The next layer of bread is added and then "Garlic Anchovy Dressing" (from the same SP - basically a caesar like dressing) is spread generously on this layer of bread and then sliced prosciutto (Pic 4)

To Be continued - I think I'm hitting the maximum size here

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