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veggietraveler | Feb 13, 2010 12:21 PM

Okay, here are the rules :)

1. It has to be a particular food item -- no "best Mexican restaurant." But instead, Best Chille Relleno.
2. Be specific. Super specific. If you like fake-y nachos with fake-y cheese sauce, yay for you. But write that. Like this: Best Fake-y Nachos with Fake-y Cheese Sauce - ___. Especially be specific about controversial foods, i.e. pizza.
3. Limit yourself. You don't have to be an expert on everything. This should be a food you love, that you have eaten all over town, that you have searched high and low for the very best. One great post is so much better than twenty posts about "bests" that are only just "most popular," or bests that are only the best you've had because you haven't had many.
4. Anywhere in LA County.
4. It has to be not only the best in L.A., but amongst the best anywhere. So, for example, if I were posting in San Francisco, I might write: "Best Movie Theater Popcorn: Red Vic's." But that's because it's fresh and fantastic, served in a big wooden bowl, with real-real butter (not "real" butter-sauce) and nutritional yeast and is super yum. Whereas in L.A. I've never had movie theater popcorn that was amazing. Thus "Best Movie Theater Popcorn" is simply not a category for me in L.A. (feel free to disagree!). Again, only post if it's not only the best in L.A., but would stand up pretty much anywhere.
5. Only one food item per post.

I'll do the first two to get us started. Let the posts begin!

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