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I beleive I have failed as a chowhound parent, and now I must suffer.

PenskeFan | May 30, 201212:52 PM

My son is not quite 10, going on 16 it seems for the past few years anyhow. He has a pretty daring palate for a kid his age, in fact he will try things that I won't even try.

But bottom line, I have failed to make him appreciate quality.

He got a straight A average for all courses this year in all periods, so we are going to go out to dinner tomorrow night. His first choice... *hangs head* Red Lobster.

Talked out of this by my wife (more for the lack of value than anything) , his second choice is a local Americanized Chinese food joint. The kind where most every entree has one of 4 or 5 different sauces, nothing authentic whatsoever, and no choices for anyone who doesn't want their food drowned in either a cloyingly sweet sauce, a muddled bland brownish sauce, or a watery bland off-white sauce .

Even though Richmond is not flush with great Chinese restaurants, I offered him some alternatives, like Peter Chang's (Great Szechuan) or Full Kee (decent Cantonese) but he would not be dissuaded. He likes the honey shrimp at this other joint.

It really gnaws at me that he would choose such an inferior place. And doubly sad because I tend to have my dinner leftovers for lunch - not going to happen here. So much for value.

Where did I go wrong? (No, it wasn't in letting him pick the place for dinner, that was not my doing. I remember celebration dinners as a kid were chosen by my parents...)

Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself lol. So be gentle.

***EDITED TO ADD*** I also have failed as a speller since I misspelled believe

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