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Beer or Wine as a "Life Style" Choice


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Beer or Wine as a "Life Style" Choice

Chinon00 | Aug 26, 2007 02:24 PM

I polished off an Old No. 38 Stout by North Coast Brewing Co. last night. Good stuff. And as many of you probably know, this (and many other stouts) have, among other things: obvious roasted coffee and chocolate notes. This brought to my mind again something that I've never understood; how people who enjoy coffee (note: fairly dry with no creme) can find beer completely intolerable. I'd find it equally difficult to accept that anyone who enjoys tea couldn't find anything enjoyable about for example Yards ESA, Flying Fish ESB and others which include a certain tea character to them.
So I've concluded that for some ignoring beer is simply a "lifestyle choice" and has nothing at all to do with how it actually tastes. For some, beer doesn't fit their "image" of themselves. Maybe it's beer's association with High School and/ or college parties, or maybe it's the tacky and apparently endless marriage between sex and beer in TV and print ads.
To me it's almost like beer suffers from the very opposite phenomenon that wine suffers from; some people perceive wine as a "fussy" drink and wish to be associated with the more "working class" option of beer.
I've noticed though TV ads which address this very phenomenon within beer culture. Sam Adams for years has promoted the quality ingredients that it uses in it beers and Amstel has been promoting itself as an option for food pairing at serious restos. How can wine make itself more appealing to "joes"? Does it need to? And is beer on the right track?


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