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Best Beer Value (High Malt, Low Hop, Low Adjunct)

scott123 | Sep 20, 201207:03 PM

I'm looking for the most malt with the least adjunct at the best price. I love the maltiness/rich body of Anchor Steam, but the price tag is a little high.

If a macro can bring me down to $5, I'm willing to work with some adjunct, but I'd really like to find something with some body. Can I get body in a $5/six beer? In high school (1980s), I drank bud, and I might be willing to take a walk down memory lane, but, before I go that route, I want to exhaust all my options.

Yuengling seems to be one of the more affordable beers, and, from what I understand, it might be adjunct free, but, for some reason, it's never really done it for me.

In the past, I've enjoyed Sam Adams quite a bit, but I'd like to trim that price tag a couple dollars as well.

My favorite beer of all time was the cask conditioned real ale I had in England, but I never found anything that came close to that on this side of the Atlantic.

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