beehive blender: Oster vs. Waring -- help a girl decide please!


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beehive blender: Oster vs. Waring -- help a girl decide please!

foxy fairy | Nov 6, 2007 10:40 AM

If you own one of the two blenders above -- THE OSTER BEEHIVE OR THE WARING PROFESSIONAL (links at bottom of this post with photos), or you have owned one, could you please share your overall perception? Would you buy your blender again? What do you like about it? What irks you? (hopefully nothing -- but I want the scoop before I purchase) Anecdotes welcome!

Please know that I am not interested in feedback on other blenders -- just these two. In my blender-seeking-research, I have scrutinized the existing CH threads regarding blenders, including that tome of 200+ posts from niki this summer! I've analyzed reviews on other sites as well, but I trust hounds the most in terms of cookware recommendations.

I have narrowed my search down to these two blenders, both beehive designs, both with minimal switches/speeds/buttons (just on-off, really). I love the way these look, I like the button simplicity, and I have used both brands (at home of mom/friends) in the past. My mom's Oster has been going for 25 years, and friends rave similarly about Warings.

USAGE: I will use this probably five times a week for blended soups, sauces, mayo, dips, etc -- plus smoothies frozen drinks now and then (once a month).

*With the Oster, I could purchase a snazzy-looking blend-and-go cup, and just froth up a drink and race out the door. But I'm not a crazy smoothie person, so I'm trying not to let cute accessories sway me* ;)

PRICE: Price-wise, these end up about the same, and again -- I cannot go any higher than this price range, so please no luxury-blender suggestions to confuse me. The Oster is on sale for $50 (from $60) this week at Target. Or, at Linens-n-Things, I can cash in my 20% off coupon for the Waring, which is $70 (regularly $80, but there's a $10 rebate), making it just about $56.

UPKEEP: I don't own a dishwasher, so I will be washing these by hand.

The Oster:

The Waring:

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