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Beef smell

charli3 | Mar 9, 201205:00 PM

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I have a question about beef.

I typically don't cook much meat at home, not necessarily by choice but just because it's more expensive; so I usually let my folks cook the meat. But there was a gorgeous beef blade roast for $1.98 /pound, and I'd been meaning to try my hand at pot roast, so I bought it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get around to the beef until almost a week later, and I noticed it developed brown areas and an strong, intensely "beefy" smell concentrated in those areas. Not sour, not rancid, not even very unpleasant. It just smelled very strongly of beef, cooked beef actually (which is why I was so confused).

My mom said this was the meat rotting. According to her: pork rots from the inside out and beef from the outside in; so I could wash the surface and cut off any smelly parts and be fine.

The pot roast turned out delicious (and nobody's gotten ill), but I'm very curious about whether the meat had actually gone bad, or if it had just "aged". I couldn't seem to find a good answer on the Internet.

Does it seem like the beef had actually gone bad, or just "aged"? Does "aged" beef develop this strong beefy smell? Does beef "rot from the outside in"? I'd appreciate very much your thoughts on all this!


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