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beef filet mignon tenderloin question:


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beef filet mignon tenderloin question:

ajm1555 | Feb 5, 2010 12:34 PM

My local Costco no longer carriers a whole untrimed tenderloin. I usually buy that, trim it into that nice looking tube, cook, and serve.

Instead they only had the middle portion, untrimmed. the butcher there told me to not trim this (well maybe just a litlle fat/silver skin). He suggested roasting the whole tenderloin. I am just concernced because I am used to seeing/cooking the basic tenderloin tube, not a big wide steak. It is still a roast, but just the middle, and not in tube form. So should I trim this into the tube form, or cook it as is. Does this make sense? Does anyone have thoughts/comments/recipes?

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