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New in Bed Stuy: Do or Dine


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New in Bed Stuy: Do or Dine

ChiefHDB | Jun 4, 2011 03:33 PM

I put this up on yelp (boooo), but figured I should cross post to give these guys some extra publicity%3

Even though it's waaaay too early to do a proper review of this spot (that would be on my blog anyway), this being the internets, it's impossible to pass up the opportunity to be the first.

We checked out Do or Dine last night on what was supposed to be their opening night. I'm not sure if it really was, since they're still kind of winging it (that's not supposed to be pejorative). It turned out they spent the day building a deck rather than preparing for their grand opening. I support their chosen priority, since this will be a very cool space when complete.

The food:

Shitake mushroom carpaccio with parmesan was a little heavy on the lemon, but displayed solid technique and was well-plated.

Pork "nachos" were essentially fried dumplings-- an interesting surprise. The pork filling was a little lost, but the dumplings were perfectly fried, resembling nachos, and topped with a generous amount of cheddar cheese. Wasabi caviar (like at Russ & Daughters) in the sour cream sauce was a cool surprise.

Lamb belly with cumin and lime was the chef's rendition of the classic Chinese dish. I hate to call something lip-smackingly good, but I very clearly remember licking the mixture of lamb fat and cumin off my lips (and off the plate). We got a second order...

We split a main of duck breast with sansho (apparently a Japanese spice related to Sichuan peppercorn), fennel and kiwi. Duck breast was served medium rare without asking and the skin was as crisp as I could possibly hope. Awesome. Interesting combination of flavors, I'm still kind of working it over in my head.

To finish, we split a black sesame root beer float. I kind of wish they'd put some of those black sesames on the lamb belly like the Muslim Lamb Chop at Fu Run. They also have Snickers Ice Cream Bars if you're so inclined.

idn't really expect much on the first night, but was impressed enough to come back. They don't have servers yet either, and the guy who ended up helping us out described himself as a "friend and impromptu waiter." Still, this is a dedicated bunch of guys who have clearly put a ton of sweat and effort into putting this place together.

Looking forward to more food & drink at a unique Bed Stuy spot.

CH is being wonky, so the address is:

1108 Bedford Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11216

Do or Dine
1108 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

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