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The Beat Goes On - Jim's Market

Vital Information | Apr 10, 200209:51 AM     7

Jim's Market was the closed shop across the street from Freddy's on 16th Street during our chowathon. I finally got to visit it today. Jim Petersen who brought Freddy's to this board, also mentioned Jim's Market in his posts, so first of all: where the heck are you Jim Peterson. Even if you have no more great finds for us, at least reveal in your glory for singling out such wonderful places. Now on to the chow.

I now know the difference between sulze and headcheese. That about sums up Jim's Market. Most of us on friday peeked into the window at Jim's and perhaps imagined what the Lithuanian sausages tasted like in our minds. Yesterday, Jim (to be honest, I forgot to ask), patiently explained to me what what Jelito and the rest of the unpronouncable homemade fare was. In short, a lot of bloddy stuff. In his words, "you have to grow up with it."

Even if one passes on the finer offerings, there is so much to sample at Jim's. Several kinds of homemade sausages (how was that cream sausage, Fred?), prime aged steaks, even beef knuckles for those making stock. Last night we tried the home made hot dogs, sided with the home made baked beans.

These may not be hot dogs for everyone's taste. There was a vague sweetness behind the fine porky mix, but the skins certainly snapped like a good gene and juder. I liked them, but Ms. VI and the chowhoundita's did not. The beans, however, were a hit all around. We just did not order enough. I fully plan on returning to sample more.

Jim's Meat Market and Freddy's are strange holdouts to an era when all neighborhoods had places like this on their corners. Yet, neither stands on nostalgia alone. I highly recommend a visit to "the corner"

Jim's Market
1538 S. 61st (corner of 61st and 16th Street)
Cicero, IL 60804

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