Ruth Lafler | Jun 10, 200207:36 PM    

People ask occasionally how to "search" chownews. Apparently some e-mail programs have search functions, but I use a web-based mail system.

I'm guest editing chownews this week (keep the good posts coming!), and I really need to be able to search past issues to see what we've covered before and how.

So I just copied my 22 issues of chownews into a Word file.

The resulting document came to 347 pages (and that didn't include the non-local content that I cut)! In techie terms, 22 issues of Chownews is taking up almost a Megabyte in my e-mail archives.

That's right: for $15 for six months Chownews subscribers have gotten almost 350 pages of chowtips, with a month to go. What an awesome value!

Link: http://chowhound.safeshopper.com/23/c...

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