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Best basket of bread before the meal -- rant and request

coastal | Aug 21, 200409:39 PM     39

We all have our favorite restaurants that have disappointing bread ("if only they had better bread"). And we've all been somewhere for the first time impressed by good bread only to be disappointed by the food.

My favorite bread before any meal is a simple white bread with butter. The French baguette is just about prefect. I prefer salted butter with the bread. Sometimes it can get the smell of the refrigerator if not handled correctly. I like my butter as cold as possible, spreading melted butter is a drag. Whipped butter is a felony.

I don't know why so many places have to get "creative" with the bread. The worst is olive bread (does anyone like this stuff?). Why add a strong olive flavor to what's supposed to be a light comforting nibble before the big meal? Olives are meant to be marinated in Greek seasonsing and eaten whole!

Enough rambling from me, here's the challenge.
1. Best restaurant bread in LA, food not an issue
2. Best restaurant bread in LA, excellent food

I'll start it off... Musso & Frank's has a great bread -- chewy, always fresh, clean wrapped butter.

I'm generally anti "variety" when it comes to the bread basket. However my vote for best restaurant bread in a variety category is Brother's restaurant in Los Olivos.

Other comments about bread are welcome.

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