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Basically Spicy or Basically Plain?


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Basically Spicy or Basically Plain?

cgj | Dec 12, 2006 07:58 PM

This question is inspired by a recent Saveur recipe for celery salad. Just celery, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper. Now, while I'm a bit dubious about that specific dish, it did inspire me to wonder: how do chowhounds genrally prefer to eat: layers of spice, complex flavors (think India), or generally simple, what some might call "clean" flavors (think celery salad)? Yes, oversimplification, no, it doesn't mean you can't put nutmeg in apple pie, but, generally, which one do you prefer? Do you eat more of one, but really prefer the other?

Myself, I have to say basicaly plain--but not the celery!

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