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Less bashing of TV hosts, please: Why?

jerry i h | May 3, 200809:18 AM

OK, we are not allowed to criticize TV cooking shows. But 'bashing' cookbook authors and restauranteurs and chefs is OK? I would appreciate a justification from the moderators on this. We can say negative things about people/stuff, but not the delicate, sensititve, human TV hosts? Why?

Example: I just saw Sara Moulton make a biscuit using all heavy cream without butter or shortening. She bragged that she made it real time, and how simple was that? Problem: what she pulled out was something prepared ahead of time by the back kitchen staff, and NOT what she had just made 'real time'. Am I allowed to criticize the show on this basis, or does this qualify as 'bashing'?

If a culinary someone puts themselves in the public domain, does not this open themselves up to criticism from whatever quarters, or are TV cooking chefs permitted an extra measure of protection? Perhaps the sheer quantity of critical comment here (and elsewhere) should tell the TV cooking show executive producers something? So, we can critcize all we want, as long as we do not engage in 'bashing'? We can only comment on a TV show if we say something informative, curious, or adulatory?

How do you draw the line between awful food presentation and 'bashing'? We can only post negative comments if the food causes us to get a queasy feeling in our gut?

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