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Bartending Etiquette Question [moved from Boston board]

nachovegas | Jun 24, 2012 10:33 PM

There's this bar that I really like. Lately they have started a new drink service strategy that I find really strange and annoying, and I'm wondering if I'm justified in finding it odd. Instead of bring drinks to the table en masse, they bring them one by one, sometimes resulting in the first person recieving their drink 20 minutes before the last person does. They do this whether you are there as a couple, or with a group, and it doesnt seem to matter how busy the bar is or isnt.
I guess I just dont get why they think that this is OK, when I go out for drinks with folks I want to drink WITH them, not wait around awkwardly watching the ice melt in my rather expensive cocktail so we can all toast together. And the amount of time between drinks makes it clear that they are not making our table's orders together. The last time I went there there were 4 of us, and the last person to recieve their drink (a good 20 minutes after the first) had ordered a beer. I dont want to name the bar that is doing this , as they are/were one of my favorites, but it's becoming a big turnoff. Has anyone else experienced this anywhere, and is this a normal way to deliver drinks?

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