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Bar staff practice: yea or nay?


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Bar staff practice: yea or nay?

ttoommyy | Mar 3, 2013 06:36 PM

This may have been discussed before on CH, but I'm not sure how to search for it so excuse me if it has.

We like to sit at the bar and eat at our favorite restaurants (we are in NYC). More and more I am seeing this practice: a service bartender will make a cocktail and when done mixing it, before putting it up for pickup by the wait person, sticks a straw in the drink, syphons off a sip or two (by putting a thumb over the end of the straw and capturing the liquid) and then tastes the cocktail. I assume this is for "quality control." Many times the server picking up the drink will do the same thing before serving it. Have others noticed this in whatever area you live in? What do you think of this? There really is no hygiene issue here; it's all done without the bartender putting his mouth anywhere near the drink. I guess it's like a chef with his tasting spoon, the biggest difference being the chef does his tasting in the privacy of the kitchen. Opinions?

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