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Bao Dim Sum House

estone888 | Nov 2, 2012 12:12 PM

Really? Ewwwww. I was suspicious, but when it was proposed as a place to meet for drinks and some bar snacks I recalled that a few people (even here) have said it was okay, about the best one could hope for outside of the San Gabriel Valley. So I went.

The drinks were good. Twelve bucks for a fair-sized pour of Macallan 12-year-old (a buck a year), is about as close to a reasonable price as one is likely to get in West Hollywood. And the Happy Hour prices for wine, beer, sake and a few different types of dim sum were also pretty good for the location. It was a pleasant bar to sit at and have a chat with a friend.

But really? Dim sum? Okay? It wasn't even okay. I would hope to think that if someone attempted to open a branch of the place along Valley Blvd. they'd be met with armed resistance. "Back to your side of the River, podner." Or however you say that in Mandarin, Cantonese or any other Chinese language.

I don't want to relive it, but:

XLB - leaden lumps of under-flavorful pork with no soup in sticky wrappers.

"Chicken potstickers" - what these small, somewhat greasy, undercooked hockey pucks of hard ground meat and a smattering of unidentifiable seasonings really were is anybody's guess.

"Spicy shrimp dumplings" - the shrimp wasn't too bad, spicy had nothing to do with it. The wrapper, WTF was that?

"Fried scallion pancake" - Flat in every way, greasy, flavorless even as nothing more than a vehicle to get a little chili sauce into your mouth.

"Crispy crab balls" - at least they were crispy. If there was any crab in them it was heavily disguised, mostly as overcooked shrimp, but some other sort of mystery meat as well.

"Shrimp and celery dumplings" - They do have a thing for shrimp, there was a lot of it, mostly overcooked but edible. I think there might have been a small speck of celery in there somewhere, at least there was a spot of something green, but nothing that added any flavor.

I rarely bother to venture anywhere west of about La Brea, or even Western, to eat. And this is the first time in maybe 30 years for anything Chinese. It was further evidence as to why.

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