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Baker's Ribs

DoobieWah | Sep 29, 201102:06 PM

I stopped by there today for a nosh to take back to the office. It's Rosh Hashanah today, and since everyone I know and work with are Jewish, lunch was a solitary affair.

I picked up a little brisket and a few ribs, (in honor of all of my Jewish friends), and wandered on back to work.

The ribs were good as usual. Peppery and with a little bite to them, they are among my faves.

The brisket? Not so much.

I will truthfully say that this was the worst brisket I've ever seen and I'm pretty old.

A uniform gray, no smoke ring, no bark, no flavor and the guy with knife even cut it WITH the grain, so what I wound up with was stringy and spectacularly unappealing.

Now I have had good brisket here before. I know they know HOW to do it. And I also know that this wasn't it.

To Bruce & Co: C'mon guys - I've recommended you on this very board before but this just wasn't acceptable under any circumstances.

Please up your game, or go back to Dallas, (where they wouldn't know the difference).


Baker's Ribs
2223 S Voss Rd, Houston, TX 77057

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