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Help please from Bakers: regular vs convection vs surround baking

Breadcrumbs | Mar 16, 201209:28 AM

Hello friends,

As part of our kitchen reno we installed new Miele ovens (one regular MasterChef oven and one Speed Oven) and I now have a lot more options than my very old but very reliable oven used to offer.

I've never baked w convection before so I wondered whether you experienced bakers could offer me some tips/words of wisdom.

Would you bake w convection all the time or, just for certain types of recipes? Do you adjust recipe temperatures or, cooking durations?

Do you ever use surround bake (according to Miele the oven heats w both the upper and lower heating elements without the convection fan)?

When, if ever, would you use the "regular bake" (heat from bottom only)?

Have you ever baked in a Speed Oven using the Convection & Microwave functions together?

Since I now have options, it occurred to me that perhaps some recipes are better suited to one method over the other.

I'd be most grateful for your assistance.

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