Where do you bake/cook in your kitchen?


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Where do you bake/cook in your kitchen?

Kajikit | Apr 4, 2014 03:46 PM

We recently moved into a duplex and it has a right-angle eat-in kitchen... while there are lots of cupboards and it SEEMS like there's plenty of space, I'm finding out rapidly that there's very little counter space to actually prepare food to cook because it's broken up by the stove, the sink, the dishwasher etc. and I don't have more than two square feet of consecutive countertop anywhere. :(

Our old kitchen had very little cupboard space, but it was U-shaped so there was a five-foot-long counter to work on. I never thought I'd miss it! I baked some cookies this afternoon and had to sit the baking trays on the stovetop to prep them, but they got very hot from being on top of the oven (apparantly it has very little insulation) so that's far from ideal unless I want my baked goods all par-baked in advance. How do others make it work?

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