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Is very badly chipped enamel on cast iron safe?


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Is very badly chipped enamel on cast iron safe?

Mishmash | Oct 14, 2009 12:13 AM

Slightly different question from a thread started earlier today. I found a vintage enamel on cast iron Dutch oven, very much like Descoware. The lid feels lighter than the base and has several large chips at the rim. I feel like if I tried, I could chip more off. The inside of the base, the actual cooking surface, has 7 or 8 serious chips up to 6 or 7 mm in diameter exposing rusted cast iron underneath. I've spent a lot of time reviewing opinions on this site and a few others about the safety of chipped enamelware. This stuff is seriously chipped.

Scenario 1: I clean up the cool vintage piece and just stare at it.
Scenario 2: I take the plunge and cook with it, maybe it's great.
Scenario 3: I cook with it and enamel chips off into my food. OK if I notice it, not so great if I don't.

Some websites just categorically state, "When enamel chips off, it's time to get a new pot." Clearly several of you have a different experience. But it's the magnitude/number of chips here that concerns me. The chips are clustered, and I'm not sure what was done to this pot to result in this kind of damage. Thoughts on safety?

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