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Badbob's BBQ, Chino Hills: First Taste

ChinoWayne | Mar 15, 2008 05:33 PM

After some unpleasantness in the chair this morning, the Mrs. did a little shopping to sooth the memories associated with her experience funding the future Ivy League college educations of the dentist's children. Her shopping excusion took her to The Great Indoors for a few minutes, where she called me from via her cell and reported all of the sales staff were hanging around like a pack of hungry car salesmen, waiting for George Bush's rebate checks to hit consumers' mailboxes. A while later the Mrs. called me from the parking lot of the nearby Steinmart to report on some china bargans she picked up. Ever the thoughtful spouse the Mrs. asked me if I needed her to bring anything home while she was out, noting that she seemed to be headed in a southerly direction in her shopping travels I directed the Mrs. just a little further south to the recently opened Badbob's [sic] BBQ to do a little reconnaisance.

During a consultation with me on the cell, the Mrs. confirmed that she did observe a real smoker apparatus on premises, although she did not get any whiffs of smoke, and the young woman behind the counter seemed a bit clueless about it all (she informed the Mrs. that we could have our 'Q either with, or without sauce, but no sauce on the side, then when we got it home, we found sauce on the side). Since it was three hours past Noon and neither one of us had lunched at that time, we decided to give Badbob's 'Q a shot, and a short time later I heard the garage door rolling up and the low roar of one of the Mrs. sets of wheels pull in.

We tried a rib plate and a brisket plate. The brisket was tender, but I did not detect any smokiness. It seemed to have been machine sliced as it was paper thin, so while sliced across the grain, it did not hold together in "horizontal lengths", it was more like a pile of small pieces of thin sliced meat, and there was no discernable smoke ring present on any of the pieces. All that aside, it was tender and tasty, and accompanied by a red colored, thin vinegar based sauce, which was an interesting deviation from my usual preference of molasses-y/tomato-y sauce. My sauce was orderd "hot" and it did have a bite when it hit the back of the throat, seemed like what you would get from a ground chili powder with a cayenne component.

I did not get enough of a taste of the ribs to evaluate them, they are touted as Memphis style dry rubbed and hickory smoked, they looked meaty and almost lacquer like, and did seem to have a smoke ring. The Mrs. did not seem very satisfied with them, but she was also not happy when she opened the foam container and found that while she was charged by the young lady behind the counter for a half slab, in actuallity what she received was a third of a slab, thus was overcharged by $4.00

Sides were beans, cole slaw, potato salad and corn on the cob. The beans were very small and tender, tasted fine, although they are advertised as being cooked with pulled pork, it must have been pulled pork liquid, because no bits of meat were apparent. The cole slaw seemed to be red and green shredded cabbage in a vinegar dressing. I have always held the late Love's cole slaw as my Gold Standard, tart and slightly creamy with that touch of celery seed, and this was quite a departure, however, I enjoyed it. The slaw was cut in nice size shreds (not like the crap you will find out there that looks like it has been through an industrial bi-directional paper shredder) that were crisp and offset nicely by the vinegar. The cold potato salad seemed to me an amalgamation of chunks of red potatoes with the skin on, mixed in to an emulsion of creamy mashed potatoes and shreds of green onion, not quite to my liking, but like the beans and cole slaw, seemed at least "home made" as opposed have come from a Sysco can.

A non descript roll and butter rounded out each plate, and the cost for this came to $29.35 including tax, which did not seem good value for the quality and quantity of the food. Each of the sides came in a tiny foam cup, and when I washed and filled one of the cups with water, the water measured out at 3-1/2 ounces, which just was not enough of the beans or the coleslaw to satisfy me.

Other available plates include pulled pork, chicken and "Tennesse Filet" (smoked bologna). The sandwiches include burgers.

Given that Badbob's seems to be proud of its Memphis style 'Q, I think we owe them another shot, where we will concentrate more on the ribs and the pulled pork. I am getting hungry just contemplating a big plate of pulled pork and some tangy coleslaw, maybe between a good, toasted bun... or maybe I'm just hungry because that "plate" just did need satisfy me as a "full meal".

Bad Bob's BBQ
3210 Chino Ave, Chino Hills, CA

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