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How bad does accepting credit cards hurt small restaurants?


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How bad does accepting credit cards hurt small restaurants?

givemecarbs | Oct 18, 2008 05:54 PM

I've noticed that some of my very favorite small restaurants are cash only. This policy can be slightly inconvenient for me at times, but I always figure cash keeps the quality high. Now tonight I went to one of my all time favorites (Ray's Pizza in Lansdale Pa) and was floored to see that after all these years they finally accept credit cards for over 10.00. I thought I would be delighted but I love this place so much that I am concerned. My friend and I think that they might have adopted this new policy to add some flexibility for their customers during these harsh economic times, but only they know for sure why the change in policy. I sure hope it works out for them. I used to go to a gaming shop where the owner reluctantly accepted credit cards but made me feel really guilty every time I used one. Do businesses have to wait for their money once a month or is it the three percent fee (or more) the credit company charges them? Anyone know?

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