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Bacon Rind

markbrown43420 | May 29, 2017 07:10 PM

My favorite local butcher carries bags of what they call bacon rinds.

Years ago, I bought a bag, thinking they would be like pork rinds, only bacon. This did not go as planned. I finished the one I started, and put the rest in the cupboard.

Some time later, I was making some slow cooked dish (beans?) and thought that smoke flavor would go well in it.

I don't use liquid smoke and couldn't fit the slow cooker crock in my grill, but I remembered I had the bag of bacon rinds.

Since then, I've used them to add real smoke flavor to pulled pork, shredded chicken and beef roast.

I pull the expended rinds out of the dish before serving, because they have the consistency of wet strips of foam padding after eight hours in hot water.

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