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Really awesome donuts in the Eastern Townships (Eastman)! Must stop...


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Really awesome donuts in the Eastern Townships (Eastman)! Must stop...

moh | Mar 28, 2010 09:48 AM

So we happened to be in the Eastern Townships yesterday for a really awesome cabane a sucre day courtesy of a friend. I was a little hopped up on sugar! Anyways, on our way to the cabane, we saw this donut shop called Beignes Dora in Eastman. The lot was full of cars, and we thought, well hopefully it will be open on the way home. Thank goodness it was!

We got there at 5:45 pm (they close at 6:00), but there was still a reasonable selection of products. The real find: homemade donuts! So hard to find donuts that aren't massed produced crap!

I immediately squaffed a chocolate cake donut. Moist, dense crumb, rich chocolate dough, not too sweet, this is a lovely donut. I haven't had such a homey old-fashioned donut like this in a while. Took me back to childhood, before all you could get was those crap balls known as TH...

I also tried their yeast chocolate glazed donut. Nice rich good quality chocolate glaze, not too sweet, but delicious chocolate. The yeast donut had an interesting chewy quality, not as yeasty and soft and pillowy as other yeast donuts I've had, but it was still appealing. This morning, I had a cake donut with icing sugar coating. I think I like their cake donuts best. Again, rich dense moist crumb on the icing sugar donut. Very tasty vanilla-flavoured cake donut.

These donuts are really special. It is impossible to find donuts like you might imagine Grandma might make anymore (well, not my grandma, Koreans don't really do donuts).

We also bought a tourtiere made there, we will try it tonight. They also sell various hot meals ready to heat up (lasagna, canelloni, beef stew, etc.), artisanal jams and ketchup aux fruit (bought some to go with the tourtiere), jars of homemade caramel. They have muffins and breads that look as appealing as the donuts. You can buy a coffee or hot chocolate with foamed milk to accompany the donuts.

I loved this place. It will be a must-stop for me any time I am near Eastman. I wouldn't want to make anyone drive out just to go here (although I must say that I'd be tempted too, I loved it so much!). But this is one of those special places that are getting harder and harder to find in our world of mass-produced food. This is so much better then those TH crap balls. SO if you like TH, don't take my rec so seriously, don't want to mislead. I'm kind of relieved they are so far away, otherwise I might turn into a daily donut consumer.

Beignes Dora
805 Rue Principal (Route 112)
Eastman, Qc
(450) 297-2828

There is some debate about the exact address, I've seen several addresses listed for this place. On their card they say 799 route 112, but that is right next to 805 rue Principal, so I think it is the same place. Anyhow, it is on rue Principal or Route 112, same thing. You really can't miss it, it is a big building, and there are usually a lot of cars outside. I love this place!!!! I am sure this post will disappear very quickly in to the Interweb,never to be read again. Another one of my posts that speaks to no one. Too bad. This place is awesome.

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