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Being aware of sugar-coating HFCS

rworange | Sep 21, 201103:56 PM

FIRST - this is NOT about whethere you like HFCS or not. If you think it is great ... great. If you hate ... just as good. I hope we don't have that discussion here.

This is about something new I'm seeing.

When I read a label ... let's say ice cream ... I'll see cream, sugrar, etc, etc, etc.

Ok. I thought I was doing due diligence since I don't want HFCS. Many companies have been responding to consumers who don't want it and bringing back the sugar.

However, I'm finding more and more companies are listing sugar first and then further down in the ingredient list ... there's my friend ... HFCS.

BUT ... when this happens they never use the initials ... they write the whole phrase ... high fructose corn syrup.

For me there's an off flavor and an after burn to HFCS.. The first time this happened, when I took a bite of these bionic products, I got that HFCS hit. I re-read the label and found the HFCS buried further down on the list.

Personally, I feel like these companies are trying to trick customers. Others may think not. I can't think of a reason why companies would do this.

Anyway, the real point is to be aware that this is happing and to read the labels completely if you don't want HFCS in your food. If you don't care about HFCS ... nver mind.

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