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Avoiding Burnout

Anne | Sep 22, 2000 02:54 AM

How do you avoid Burnout at a Fav Place?

This seems like a stupid topic. I was going to post it on the SF board to be specific to some places in SF that I liked, and can hardly eat at anymore. I was wondering if anyone had the same experience, and, more importantly, knew of a way to avoid getting burned out on a great place?

Some examples:

* Gooden Star Vietnamese: What to do when three people walk into a place and they point at you--#3, #5 and #42. That's how well they know us. OK the pho is perfect, but still, this is a bland dish to have all the time, unless you are sick often. If you get it to go they pack everything up real nice. The boyfriend is stuck on the lemongrass shrimp, but I like the fresh shrimp rolls and don't miss the shrimp on sugarcane appetizer with lettuce and the full out herbal experience. I am so sick of eating here, I have cut it down to once a week.

* Busters: They took care of this for me by changing the cheesesteaks from good greasy, jalapeno fun on a bun to crap. Who cares about them. I don't have to eat two a week anymore.

* Burma's House: OHMYGAWDTHEGINGERSALAD! Ok a friend says she copycated the recipe, but I have not tried it yet because everytime I think of this dish I run, like Pavlov's dog, to this stupid place. The samosa with meat are good, the black, bean catfish is good, the satay is always fine, but I must have this salad as often as possible.GETITGETITGETIT. Oh, and some things are not good, like forget the catfish soup and yuck I had Burmese fried beef which sucked, and the chicken was good.

* Shalimar - - Oh my, I have only found this recently, but I am afraid of burning out. I am limiting myself to once a month. I have not found anywhere with such fresh flavors. Good thing it is a nasty dive with nasty mean men running it. Maybe no one will come. In the meanwhile I will have one of everything at the price.

* Can everyone please stop going to Dotties?

Anyway, how do you limit burnout-I am sick of some of my favorite places.

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