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Avatar Names -- "The Check's in the Mail"

maria lorraine | Jan 24, 200810:02 PM


I realize you are only the messenger here, so it's not quite fair to blame you, but please don't say the check's in the mail again.

FIVE MONTHS AGO, on August 23, 2007, the job ticket was opened with Engineering for the mouseover problem with the avatars: the names don't appear. You indicated Engineering was aware of the problem.


Since then, there have been numerous new threads alerting Chowhound that the avatar names don't appear, and each time you have explained that "the check is in the mail" -- that Engineering is alerted to the problem.

But the problem hasn't been fixed in FIVE months.

What's kinda absurd about this is that, if you work in computer graphics, you know it's not that difficult a fix -- it's merely a question of changing the priority in the layering of images. The names are already there -- they're appearing, but they're appearing *underneath* another graphic so they can't be seen.

For example, when this issue was first raised -- May 31st at 9: 11 pm
it took LESS THAN A DAY to fix the problem -- June 1st, 10:55 am

So it's easy to fix. Really.

It's obvious Engineering hasn't addressed the problem. So the question is WHY?

Are they overwhelmed? Too busy with the other CNET stuff? What is it REALLY that's causing the delay? Is there too much to do with the staff that's available?

Can't they put aside an hour to fix this little thing?

Why not have the Head of Tech/Engineering answer instead of you taking the heat?
I know you're just repeating what Engineering tells you -- the check's in the mail.

Thanks for being the go-between. I know it's tough when you're just getting the "runaround" -- to use an Eddie Haskell phrase -- from Engineering too.

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