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Your automobile as dining room!

Motosport | Mar 27, 2015 07:12 AM

I've come to realize that I have had many amazing but simple meals in my car in all my years. Most while driving but for some while parked.
This is probably because I am not crazy about solo dining although many of these mobile meals have to do with staying on the road and getting to our destination.
Some are ritualistic. In other words: When I am passing Coney Island at meal time I have to stop for a couple of dogs.
My most challenging meal while driving (don't try this) was a pastrami sammich from Junior's in Brooklyn. This particular offering from Junior's was a special with succulent fatty pastrami, creamy cole slaw, deli mustard and a little Russian dressing but NOT on rye. It was special because they substitute two potato pancakes (Latkes) for the bread.
Since I was heading home and didn't need the shirt or pants I was wearing I took the challenge. Enormous fail!!!! But memorable meal.

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