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The auto video is back

rworange | Jan 17, 201106:16 AM

Whatever the fix was, I guess it doesn't work.

It is nice now that there are controls on the video because at least this time I could turn off the sound for that video without having to turn off my system sound. I played another video on purpose and the sound remained off. That's a good thing. Even if these start up by themselves, at least I don't get that suprise blast of sound. Actually it wasn't a blast this time, but low. Still, it was distracting.

Anyone who wants to avoid surprise sound, should play a video and turn the sound off. At least then if it auto starts you don't have to hear it. There is also a stop control that works if the picture bothers you. For me, the problem was all about the sound.

I really don't think I hit this video by accident, but I can't guarantee it. I thought the problem was fixed so I haven't been paying attention.

However, for me it was the same pattern. I opened the topic went back to something else I was working on and a few minutes later the video started to play.I thoguht that maybe I'm getting this lag because my connection is slow and the video is taking time to load. However, when I hit a video on purpose, it started right up and there was no lag.

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