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I Need Your Assistance Overcoming a Search Obstacle

small h | Mar 11, 2012 04:29 PM

I'd like to find all the recipes for whiting on the Home Cooking board. I searched that board for whiting recipe (not in quotes) and got nearly 3000 results. The first page shows results for white cake, egg whites, black and white cookies, white wine, white miso, white sugar, white flour...you get the idea. I tried a few more things - quotes, plus signs, the addition of the word "fish," but could not get the search to distinguish between "whiting" and "white."

A Google search - whiting recipe fish site:chow.com - does limit the results to those that actually contain the word "whiting." But I can't figure out how to refine the results to Home Cooking only (adding "Home Cooking" did not work). I may one day be interested in the best whiting sandwich in Birmingham, but today is not that day.

Your thoughts?

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