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Article in NY Times Re Waiters and Restaurant Week in NYC


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Article in NY Times Re Waiters and Restaurant Week in NYC

George Lynch | Feb 5, 2001 03:16 PM

Anyone read the article in yesterday's NY Times Metro section entitled "Bargain Meals at High-End Spots Mean Low-End Tips for Waiters"?

The article describes how some waiters feel like they get stiffed because of the lower tips and the fact that they have more work to do, given how much busier it is. One waiter did say, hey, it's all in a day's work, get over it (something like that).

However, the part that really caught my attention was that some waiters felt that the low prices attracted "...customers who are not used to dining in exclusive establishments."

The article also said:

"A waiter at Tavern on the Green, who declined to give his name, said, 'Cheaper prices means cheaper people.' He said many Restaurant Week customers want to substitute other items for those on the prix- fixe menu, ask lots of questions and linger too long at tables they rarely get a chance to sit at."

Geez, and here I thought restaurants, all kinds of restaurants, are open to the public at large. Silly me.

Can you imagine getting THIS waiter for your lunch last week? And imagine if you actually had a question about the menu or the food.

Perhaps we can have a "Waiter's Week", where prospective diners have to appear before a panel of waiters to see if they are suitable to have lunch in the establishment. And one of the criteria will be how much the prospective diner tips the panel.

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