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I just got back from a trip to Armenia and Georgia. Two weeks in Armenia and one in Georgia. There's not a lot on Chowhound about Armenian cuisine so I'd like to fill some of the void. It was three weeks of insanely great eating including three of the best meals of my life. And that is just a start.

There are some dishes that are specifically Armenian and other dishes which, although Armenian, are also part of a shared cuisine. Those dishes will often have an Armenian or local version which can be markedly different.

And then there are dishes that are more specifically Turkish, Georgian, Russian, Syrian, and Persian that are so wildly popular as to be incorporated into the cuisine. A part yet apart.

Here is a rundown of what we ate in chronological order:

Lavash (ubiquitous, ultra thin flatbread)
Sea Buckthorn Juice
Apricots, Cherries, Green Apples, among other fruits
Preserved walnuts, raspberries, peaches, pears, cherries, Armenian 'Cough Syrup' made from mulberries or plums)
Rejena (like milk-flavored butter, not sure how this is made or why it isn't everywhere on every table in the world)
Gavurma (meat preserved in butter)
Qalagosh (lavash topped with yogurt and lentils)
Red Bean Soup (with walnuts, onion, and parsley)
Many different cheeses including farmers cheese and smoked cheese
Jingyalov Hats (lavash stuffed with a variety of cooked greens)
Topik (potato galette stuffed with onion, walnuts and peas)
Agulisyan (dumplings stuffed with beef and prunes)
Bread Rusks (crisped lavash) with dips of tarragon, beet, and mushroom
Vana Mshosh (lentil puree with dried apricot)
Arishta (noodles, often with buckwheat but also could be rye flour or others added)
Lahmajo (flatbread topped with minced meat)
Tan (yogurt soup with butter, parlsey, and bulghur served hot)
Piti (lamb stew topped with a dough and baked in a clay pot)
Tomato stuffed with eggplant
Ghapama (stufffed baby pumpkin)
Fried Sickleweed
Ishli Kufta (meat wrappped in dough and fried, aka kibbe in other lands)
Fried potatoes
Cabbage Salad
Roast peppers, zucchini, eggplant
Omelette with sausage and peppers
Chicken Kiev
Pancake rolled with pork
Cucumbers in matsoun (strained yogurt, often with dill)
Summer Salad (tomato, cucumber, onions, parsley)
Lula kabobs (ground meat, wrapped in lavash)
Julien (mushrooms and cheese in cream sauce)
Uzbek Pilaf
Homemade pickles (many varieties)
Khashlama (lamb stew)
Fried Chicken in Garlic Sauce
Beet Salad
Pasuch Tolma (cabbage leaves stuffed with rice, dried fruits, vegetarian)
Khashil (porridge with tan and butter)
Tolma (meat stuffed grape leaves)
Goris Hummus (made from Goris beans)
Carrot Salad
Adjeani Kachapuri
Red Bean Salad (served warm with walnuts and onions)
Boiled ishram (trout)
Basturma (dry cured meat)
Aveluk Salad (wild horse sorrel)
Aveluk Soup
Walnut Gata (like rugelach on steroids)
Gavar Bakhlava (far thicker and far less sweet)
Pork Khorovats (BBQ)
Sig (trout) Khorovats
Tan (soup served cold, same ingredients as the hot version)
Tjvjik (can be variety of offal, but commonly liver)
Harissa (chicken porridge)
Olive salad
Kololak (in this case, balls of bulghur and potato in tomato sauce)
Etchmiadzin Qyufta (like a foamy meatloaf)
Bulghur with onion
Soup of corn, beans, peas and bulghur

And that's just in Armenia.

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