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Apps and Entrees At The Same Time? NO!


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Apps and Entrees At The Same Time? NO!

monavano | Apr 27, 2009 07:59 AM

Sorry if this rant has been discussed before, but I have to ask fellow CH'ers what you do when you JUST started to dig in to your appetizer and the entree arrives. Then, the obligatory shuffling of plates on the table happens, and you're stuck picking off of both your app and entree plate.
How hard is it to fire the entree later, rather than at just about the same time as the appetizer? Isn't it obvious that I've just BARELY touched my first plate of food, when another arrives?
Recently, I've placed my app and entree orders at the same time, and twice wound up eating off multiple plates. One time, I ordered a Caesar salad and forked it twice when our pizza came. I wound up eating a bit of pizza, a bit of salad. This weekend, my DH and I split an app of pick n' peel shrimp (large, warm and delicious). Sure enough, not 5 minutes went by when our main dishes arrive. This time, I just pushed the shrimp aside and had them boxed up to take home. In no way is peeling shrimp, then taking a bite of a pulled pork sandwich appealing. For the record, both times we just sucked it up, didn't send anyting back, and didn't ding the server on the tip. But I felt like it!
My question is-How often do you send the entree back when it arrives while you are trying to enjoy an app? Do you (as I sometimes do..well, many times) intentionally tell the server you app order and wait to give your main order later to avoid eating two dishes at the same time?

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