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Antidote for a sugar high?


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Antidote for a sugar high?

GG Mora | Feb 18, 2003 08:36 AM

We try really hard to keep sugar out of my 11-yr.-old stepson -- it turns a normally sweet thoughtful mellow kid into a bouncing off the walls running at the mouth monster (and inspires parental fantasies of strangulation). He can't be trusted to say no, though, and came home from an afternoon at a friend's house having had Fluffernutter sandwiches & hot cocoa for lunch and all the candy they could manage all afternoon long. He got home just in time to change clothes and go out to dinner with us and the in-laws, and it wasn't until we sat down at the restaurant that we realized what was going on -- he was on an out of control sugar high. We prevented further damage by disallowing the pasta and Sprite he wanted, opting instead for a small steak and ice water, but I'm wondering:

Is there anything you can feed a sugar-overdosed human to bring them down, or is it just a matter of sitting out the bad trip?

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