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Antidote to the Holidays - "Weird Theme" suggestions requested


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Antidote to the Holidays - "Weird Theme" suggestions requested

cayjohan | Nov 29, 2006 08:00 PM

I must be really bored with food right now. Or maybe it's all the turkey we've been eating.

Between the great American Turkey Feast, our family's upcoming Christmas, and New Year's, I will be dealing with a lot of food I could make in my sleep. Not that I don't like it, but it gets a little, well, predictable.

I am looking for some "theme" suggestions from the boards so I at least have an early January dinner party to plan as an antidote to all the rote.

Last year, I convinced the Hub to have us host an All Molded Food party. Triple-tiered/triple-meat meatloaf, piped-into-a-spiral-and-baked cheesy potato puree, salmon in aspic with all the floaty flower-shaped garnishes in the gel, jello molds - you get the picture. It was wonderfully surreal, very Gourmet circa 1952, and I was completely safe from repeating myself as far as menu went.

It was so fun, that I want to do another sort-of-surreal dinner again. Wasn't it Alfred Hitchcock who hosted a dinner where all the food was dyed blue, just to skew the guests' perception of the food?

Do any of you have a twisted sense of humor with food and have a theme suggestion? Just to be clear: as much as I like high-octane punch and some grilled seafood, I am not looking for a Caribbean night, or any of the "usual." My hope is a high-concept set of foods that are 1) good to eat, i.e. wil not make most guests gag; 2) conform to the theme, and 3)have the added bonus of not being what people would normally get their hands on at a dinner/buffet.

Maybe a tall order, but there must be a bunch of you out there with odd fantasy meals. I'd welcome your input. It will get me through the season.

I appreciate it.

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