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Does anyone know about animal-raising practices in Europe?

Lady_Tenar | Dec 18, 201101:08 PM

I am a meat-eater but I try to make conscientious choices in the meat that I buy and I get a lot of stuff local etc. My big question is, what about things like prosciutto or chorizo that are imported from Italy, Spain and other countries in Europe? Do they have better, more humane, more sustainable animal-raising practices than we do here in America? I have heard mixed answers about this. I can say anecdotally that, having lived in Italy for several months years ago, the meat and produce you'd find everywhere looked and tasted a lot less "factory farm" than conventional stuff does here. The yolks of the eggs were orange, the milk you'd buy at any corner place tasted like the good brands of organic milk (like organic valley) you get here, the meat was much leaner and tastier, the vegetables more varied, colorful, and not so clearly bred to be shipped. It did seem like food there was much less industrialized and therefore more humane and sustainable. But, of course, this is speculation and this was also the late 90s. Does anyone know anything about this topic or know of any good sources to get info on it?

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