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Ami -- in Westwood

PaulF | Sep 29, 2006 09:46 PM

A friend of mine was visiting from out of town and had time for lunch with me in Westwood Village.

He wanted sushi so we went to a place called Ami on Broxton (near Falafel King).

Can't recommend it at all.

We both had two versions of the sushi lunch special: 8.95 for about 12 pieces of sushi (that's including the pieces of the cut roll as separate pieces ... maybe I should have written 12 bites or mouthfuls of sushi). I had a spicy tuna roll, a piece os shrimp, a piece of hamachi(?), a piece of salmon -- a few others I can't remember. His was the same, except for a California Roll instead of the spicy tuna roll.

I didn't like any of it.

I'm also not a kook. I wasn't expecting a sublime sushi experience. I know you get what you pay for pretty much. But I've had good sushi for cheap prices, especially on a special.

It just didn't feel that flavorful to me, nor did it taste super fresh. The best was the piece of salmon -- that was fresh and tasty.

We split a tempura appetizer and that was good. Crunchy and not greasy. The miso soup lacked flavor and wasn't even that hot.

Working near Westwood Village, you don't have too many great choices. There aren't any "hidden gems," no mom and pop places to to go to. There are some good places, but you sort of lower standards to eat there in general.

But this was below that standard as far as the sushi goes.

I might give it one more try for the Japanese food. The tempura was good and maybe a tempura/teryaki plate would be worth returning for.

But not the sushi, IMO.

The restaurant was crowded, btw, which speaks to the point I made above. It was also nice inside, all blacks and reds with a nice, mansion-esque staircase to the upstairs. There's a big screen tv downstairs, if anyone cares.

The two specials were 8.95 and the tempura was 6.95. With a couple of drinks (an iced tea and a can of soda) the damage was ... well ... I don't know. He paid. But figure around 30 or so with the tip.

Not a lost 30 bucks, but I'm not running back ...

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